How to Shine in Personal Lines – Part 2


Part 2 – Answering the clients real needs

We discussed in our first blog the importance of “Opening up the Pipeline of Communication” more with our client and how that can lead to more opportunities. Rather than trying to understand what makes the client tick and understand how to use that information to your advantage when offering clients various solutions, I often hear variations of “let’s jump straight to the premium”. I often ask my groups “what do real-estate Brokers do when they have a new customer?” Do they get in their car and drive their clients to the most inexpensive house they have for sale as quickly as possible…No J!

They will take the time to learn about clients’ specific needs – How close do you want to be to work? Or do they work from home? What about proximity to schools? How many bedrooms do you want, etc.? Assessing the needs go a long way!! I understand that we do gather all the underwriting details, such as age of the home, renovations, is there an alarm system, use of the car, claims history…but honestly, if you listen to calls you will see just how “clinical” that feels for the client. There is no real warm and fuzzy moment happening here! Try asking a client “What’s important to you when it comes to purchasing insurance?” or “In the event of a claim, how would you like it to be handled?” You will really be surprised at the answers you get from the clients and how their answers can easily lead into promoting the benefits of working with a Broker rather than offering the lowest price. Remember if the focus is too price oriented then what happens on the day that you’re no longer the least expensive? Are you now considered interchangeable to your customer?


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