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Gradient Solutions is an established insurance industry strategist firm, concentrating on process optimization, management coaching and strategic thinking. The GSI team’s tactical approach is to study North American industry trends and the unique challenges facing the insurance industry. Over the past 10 years, GSI has worked with Canada’s leading insurance brokers, carriers and software providers, helping them reach their goals. Learn More


Turn challenges into opportunities!

360-coachingChoose the coaching support solution that is right for you! GSI’s 360 Coaching program will give you the tools necessary to achieve your goals.

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It’s time to change for a new method!

1LeanInsGradient Solutions uses a systematic six-step process called Lean Insurance™ which breaks down those traditional ways of thinking and builds new efficient and streamlined processes that create the capacity you need to deliver exceptional client experience.

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Sales and service are by design not by chance

2ScoreSCORE is a comprehensive in-house training program. Phase I guides your Personal Lines staff to compete successfully with Direct Writers. Phase II guides management and staff to transition the Personal Lines business objectives into an executable plan.

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Get the training you want and the credits you need!

Training and Education We offer a wide-ranging selection of engaging courses that are available in-house or via the web… and they are accredited!

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In-depth diagnosis of operations

4CPI-diagnThe CPI (Core Performance Indicators) Diagnostic is a comprehensive analysis of current operational structure. It identifies those CPI’s which are at the heart of your business and uses them to set attainable objectives and build a strategic plan.

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Being paper-free means more than making fewer copies

3eFloeFLO is an electronic workflow system that lets you have control of a file, without the physical documents. Manage and move documents virtually allowing your team to reduce clutter and increase efficiency, all while benefitting from full traceability and accountability.

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Building a successful web strategy starts here

5WebOptWPO helps brokers turn the corner with their web initiatives and realize the gains they have been expecting. Assessing, evaluating and improving your firm’s web strategy can be accomplished by implementing our simple three step process.

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Customized implementation plans to achieve your goals

6ProjectManOur Project Management Team provides best practice recommendations, consulting for new business initiatives and streamlined departmental workflows to help you coordinate resources, identify lagging areas and monitor progress to meet timelines.

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Broker Management Systems Optimization

techAre you not feeling the love from your BMS? Let the tech experts at GSI work with you to optimize your BMS system so that it does what you want it to do! It’s that easy!

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Where did you get that data?

September 20, 2016

On the road to good data Where did you get that? In my August post entitled ‘On the road to good data! What are Key Performance Indicators? And what do they mean?’ I talked about typical metrics that most insurance brokers use on a daily/monthly basis. I also point out the ‘guiding principles’ that need to be considered before even starting to think about doing some math. The first guiding principle is determining if the data you are using is reliable and accurate. To figure this out, you must review data in a way that actually structures it in a […]

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What are Key Performance Indicators?

August 12, 2016

On the road to good data What are Key Performance Indicators? And what do they mean? Key Performance indicators (or KPIs for the cool kids) are essentially measurements of ‘something’; the ‘key’ is that the measurement results leave no doubt in your mind about the impact the numbers have on your business. That’s why it’s considered as ‘key’ J; examples from the non-business world could be: The pH level of the water in your pool LDL and HDL levels of cholesterol Batting averages of baseball players Using the baseball example, Joe’s current batting average is .210 but the team manager […]

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On the road to good data!

July 1, 2016

We often hear when working with insurance brokers across Canada that they “know their clients”, they know their employees are making sales and they know they keep hearing about lost clients and competition. They just don’t really know what is happening…because they are often basing their strategic decisions on anecdotal evidence (he said, she said, I think, perhaps) rather than an actual data. There’s a great quote we refer to often, which is ’Without data, all you have are assumptions’. So how do we get from anecdote to fact? Use your data! Simple enough….but what if the data is unreliable? […]

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