Improving business results by improving the customer experience!



I recently wrote an article about the difference between customer service and customer experience and how customer service simply drives the customer experience (Customer service vs customer experience). I mentioned that an Insurance client of mine was very intrigued by this notion; however he was even more intrigued to learn how improved customer experience would improve his business results. 

Customer experience experts will often refer to our clients becoming “Advocates” for our business. In simple terms, customers want to scream from the rooftops about how great we are! Ultimately this should be the goal of any service oriented business that relies heavily on retention and referrals.

So I asked my Insurance client, “Who is your Number One producer in your organization?” He quickly answered “Kathy Brown – she is by far our best producer”. I then asked if she brought in more business than the referrals you receive from your clients? The answer was NO!

“…far and away
the # 1 producer

in all their organization
is their client base,

but sometimes
we lose sight of that!”

I have worked with over 80 Brokerage firms across Canada and far and away the # 1 producer in all their organization is their client base, but sometimGS-ImprBusiness2es we lose sight of that! We also see that referrals from existing clients usually rank first or second in terms of highest close rates.

My client then understood that if he wants to organically grow his business the best option is to WOW his customers with an exceptional customer experience AND THEN they become “advocates” for him. This will drive the referrals business and allow the business to successfully close more new accounts, more than any other marketing strategy.


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