How to shine in Personal Lines! – Part 3


Setting yourself apart with common sense and answering the clients real needs

I had a wise insurance Broker tell me one day that “an Insurance Broker doesn’t sell insurance. An Insurance Broker helps their client buy insurance!” Based on the recorded calls I listen to as part of my SCORE training program, I feel there is one great trick to help clients feel like their Broker is truly helping them buy insurance: when a Broker focuses on an approach of offering the “best price” for insurance it plays right into the hands of their competitors who pride themselves on “low cost insurance”! When a Broker offers clients choices and options based on their true needs, clients start to feel in control of the situation; it makes them believe they have options to pick from. Once the client feels this way, they have more confidence in the process and truly see the Broker’s roll as someone who does advocate on their behalf.

The next time you’re working on a new business quote for a client or prospect, start by asking them “What’s important to you when it comes to insurance?” They are likely going to say “the price”…which is normal and easy to agree with to some extent, as we are all consumers. Then you should ask them, in the event of a claim, how would they like it to me handled? Now they have to give you a different answer!! Once the client has shared those thoughts with you, incorporate them into your offer at the end of your conversation. Something like this….”based on what you have told me is important to you…I have a few options for you to pick from, that I feel truly meet your needs. Which of these options works best for you?” Try it…you will be surprised how well it works!


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