Managing a winning team!

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Managing a winning team!

Great managers know how and when to adapt!

The role of manager if often taken for granted. For example, it’s not uncommon to see a star employee, someone who performs above expectations, being “rewarded” by his employer by becoming the manager of a team. If it works so well for him, he’ll be able to manage others to do the same, right?

This kind of action too often leads to a lot of confusion within a team. This training course “Managing a winning team” offers managers a plethora of tips, tricks, techniques to first identify a common goal that can be shared by all team members, do follow ups that will keep the momentum going and help raise the “work maturity” of the team.

Managing a winning team starts by adapting our own leadership!

Well-being and performance are both achievable together!

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Course plan

General information

  • Title of this activity: Managing a winning team
  • Length: 2 hours (up to 4 hours available onsite)
  • Continuing Education Credits: 2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)
  • Targeted clientele: Managers and employees alike
  • Training material: All of the participants will receive a training manual. The facilitator will use a Power Point presentation as a visual support.
  • Learning strategies: This course is deployed as an interactive lecture, with several group discussions. The participative style of presentation is very important with these types of sessions in order to fully implicate all of the participants in the learning process.

Main objective

Define what a winning team is as well as the tangible actions needed to bring said team to the next level of maturity and performance.

Specific objectives

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Define the criteria of a winning team
  • Identify problems that prevent a group from becoming a winning team
  • Use several real-life techniques to stimulate a winning team (and keep it stimulated)


This course is intended primarily for managers. It can also be given to employees to help them better formulate theirs demands and expectations towards their managers. The cost of poor management affects all employees of a company, no matter the industry or the tasks. In other words, no special knowledge is required to attend this course.

Course Materials

2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)

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Available formats
  • Live webinar
  • Online video
  • Onsite
  • 2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)
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  • $90 tax incl.
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