Managing Motive-Action!

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Managing Motive-Action!

Motivation is truly a universal concept. However, it often is much easier to talk about it than to actually live it, maintain it and propagate it. I believe that Motive-Action can be described as the inward energy necessary to build and maintain with enthusiasm the fruit of our intentions. In other words, motivation starts with establishing a motive in order to take action.

True motivation is drawn from the emotional energy that comes with accomplishment, gratification, satisfaction and self-worth, which will be the result of our actions.

You’re worth it!

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Course plan

General information

  • Title of this activity: Managing Motive-Action
  • Length: 3.5 hours
  • Continuing Education Credits: 4
  • Number of participants: 15 to 25 preferably (Onsite)
  • Targeted clientele: Anybody who plays any role in a company and who wants to find ways to light the flame and keep it lit.
  • Training material: All of the participants will receive a training manual. The facilitator will use a Power Point presentation as a visual support.
  • Learning strategies: This course is deployed as an interactive lecture, with several group discussions. The participative style of presentation is very important with these types of sessions in order to fully implicate all of the participants in the learning process.

Main objective:

  • The main goal of this course is to help people to recognize their own sources of motivation, the ones that light the flame and keep it lit and foremost, how to draw energy from these motivational wells. We’ll also work on how to motivate a team by using adapted methods and techniques that will help them reinforce their self-esteem, establish motivating objectives and get into the action!

Specific objectives

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Know is greatest strength in generating and maintaining Motive-Action!
  • Improve the self-worth of people around him (including your own)
  • Establish motivating objectives that fit within our values
  • Identify the comfort zones that can prevent us from acquiring new experiences
  • Learn four steps to identify and vanquish fears
  • Use techniques to motivate a team as a whole as well as individually
  • Create and maintain positive habits to mobilise employees and build commitments based on trust
  • Get on the ice!


The cost of not managing motivation efficiently affects all the employees of a company, regardless of the domain of expertise or the tasks at hand. In other words, no prior knowledge is required to participate to this course.

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