Managing different generations in insurance

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Managing different generations in insurance

Is there really a generational gap in Canada?

Yes! Well, at least many people feel there is in their day to day activities: the generation gap! This is nothing new in itself. That said, the gap seems a lot larger nowadays than it has been for the last 100 years. For example, people in their fifties and older, highly knowledgeable in general insurance, customer service ,  are now forced to face huge technological or procedural changes (like the “paper free!”). That means they have to change their habits and that often brings a lot of additional stress that nobody wants.

The younger generations who are 40 years old or less are usually hungrier for change and improvement, optimisation, new technologies and the challenges that they bring, and of course speed… It’s got to go fast! They are often ambitious, impatient, and too quick for their own good!

This course, “Managing different generations in insurance” aims to narrow that gap within the teams and allow employees of all ages to better communicate with members of another generation.

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Course plan

General information

  • Title of this activity: Managing different generations in insurance
  • Length: 2 hours (up to 4 hours available onsite)
  • Continuing Education Credits: 2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)
  • Targeted clientele: Managers and employees alike
  • Training material: All of the participants will receive a training manual. The facilitator will use a Power Point presentation as a visual support.
  • Learning strategies: This course is deployed as an interactive lecture, with several group discussions. The participative style of presentation is very important with these types of sessions in order to fully implicate all of the participants in the learning process.

Main objective

Identify and understand the different views of each of the currently active generations in the world of insurance in Canada in order to harmonise labor relations and keep the team motivated

Specific objectives

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Learn the general characteristics of each generation
  • Understand the vision of each generation and debunk myths
  • Create a real plan of action to prevent the generation gap


This course is intended primarily for managers. It can also be given to employees to help them better communicate with members of a different generation. In other words, no special knowledge is required to attend this course.

Course Materials

2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)

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Available formats
  • Live webinar
  • Online video
  • Onsite
  • 2 RIBO (Management) and 2 AIC (General)
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